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A female Doctor!
 Seattle International Films (USA)

Features female Doctor, production values quite good. Large sets/locations.

Doctor Who: The Wrath of Eukor by Cheryl Read (1984) (30 minutes)
Doctor Who: Visions of Utomu by Ryan K. Johnson (1986) (32 minutes)
Pentagon West: A Doctor in the House by Ryan K. Johnson (1987) (28 minutes)
Doctor Who: Broken Doors by T. Brian Wagner (1988) (20 minutes)

The Federation
  The Federation (USA)

This group have been around since 1983, parodies of other shows such as Blues Brothers etc. Three latest projects are :-
The Reign of Turner (1996) -- Nine years in the making! An epic parody of the behind-the-scenes antics during the Turner years. Colin Bayker is given tapes from the matrix to use in his fight against the producer.

Realitywarp (1998) -- The production that brought us "out of retirement" and back into the world of fan video production! The vortex has been damaged, and the Sixth Doctor and Peri are helplessly trapped. Who comes to the rescue? A couple of actors named Nicola and Colin.

Traumatuage (2000) --Plentitude steals dreams...and the ability to dream, too. He captures people, forces them to participate, leaves them either insane or dead. His latest victim? Nyssa. Will the Doctor save her before Plentitude destroys her?

Also check out their Six Minute movies. They feature Mulder and Scully as well as The Sixth Doctor and Peri/Mel. Very funny.

They have many movies so check out their www page for details.

Mini-UNIT Minstrels (USA)

It all started with two companions, one boy--complete with gawd-awful Scottish accent, and one "girl"--in fact another boy with the balloon scars too prove it. Along with their faithful sock puppet Eric and the occasional help of a terrribly accident-prone friend named Adric, they blazed a trail of madness and insanity for almost five years from 1986 to 1991, briefly returning in 1997 to reassure the masses of their legend.

The Two Companions (1986) (39 minutes)
The Wrath of Mikey (1987) (34 minutes)
K-9 Meets Godzilla (1987) (2 minutes)
The Fallout of a Time Lord (1987) (55 minutes)
The Two Companions Movie (1988) (120 minutes)
Faulty Tardis (1988) (20 minutes)
You Only Live Thirteen Times (1988) (45 minutes)
Doctor Who: The Motion Sickness (1989) (39 minutes)
The Blues Cousins (1990) (54 minutes) [non-Who]
Doctor Who in the 20th and 9/10 Century (1991) (54 minutes)
Without a Who (1997) (24 minutes)

 Galtham Films (USA)

"Imagine, if you will, a Dr. Who film made with all the style and sensibilities of the American Batman TV show of the 60s. Imagine the Doctor and his companions garbed in a strange mix of tweed and spandex. Imagine the Whocave, the Whomobile, Whoarangs, and of course, Whogirl. Imagine a film crew silly enough to make not one, but two of these films. "

   OTW Productions (USA)

Time Slacker - Captain Taylor has been dispatched by U.N.I.T. to track down the Doctor to see if he'll help them repel yet another alien menace. Upon meeting him, though, Taylor is unsure whether this new incarnation is still the man for the job. My, how time and space have changed our favorite Timelord! Nobody can be this much of a loser, can they? Written by Scott Alan Woodard. (Part of the Federations - The Six Minute Movies)


Doctor Who and The Vampire Curse - Short promo movie for a story never completed (yet!)

Doctor Who: Timely Intervention - The Doctor, and his companion Audrey, literally stumble upon an attempt to invade Earth.