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  Pixel Wizzard (UK)

Specialising in CGI Doctor Who animations - most reknown for the Restoration of the Daleks part of which was on the 30 Years In the TARDIS documentary

Ashley X "Devious - Halfway to Oblivion (UK)

This movie seems to have been in production for years..... This group were also involved in the Comic Relief Doctor Who skit with Rowan Atkinson, Curse of the Fatal Death, providing some of the props/sets.
This production is still going on, and on, and on, and on, cant wait for the finished article, well I can, but it should be worth it !!!!! Visit the www page now!

DAHKE World Productions (UK)

Davros crash lands on Earth and his head is found by UNIT. The head has a life of its own and causes chaos while the Daleks Battle to take back what belongs to them . . . .

Fifteen years after the cancellation of a Cult British Sci-Fi series TIMEQUAKE, members of the cast
and crew reminisce for the DVD release of the original show.
Incorporating clips and behind the scenes footage from the series, they talk about the original
production, Mark Fielding's ego, cancellation, itís rebirth through the programmes fan base, conventions
and the subsequent Anglo-American TV Movie.

TIMEQUAKE - It's CultTV, but not as you know it!

Time Lords of Thames Valley(UK)

The Peresphone Complex (1995 45 Mins) : A new, younger Doctor awakens to find himself in a Roman amphitheatre. Rescuing a kidnapped Greek goddess, he is plunged into a surreal world where nothing is what it seems.

Still Life (1996 45 Mins) : Following the battle in The Matrix with the Playwright Virus, the Time Lords have set out to assess the damage. One section is beyond repair and the Lord President orders its secret disposal.

Assassin (1999 20 Mins) : Having crash-landed on planet Earth, the alien Ixeryx sends a distress signal from the cellar of an empty house.

The Plague of Lychwood (2002) : Can the Doctor discover the cause of a deadly epidemic that is sweeping through the sleepy village of Lychwood ?

Flight of the Daleks (2004) : The Doctor and Sophie witness an alien spacecraft crashlanding on planet Earth. On arrival at the crash site they find that UNIT have already secured the area. It soon becomes apparent that the Doctor, Sophie and UNIT have more than just one race of deadly aliens to deal with.