Created by Pixel Wizzard - Brilliant !!! - for DWM                Created by Pixel Wizzard - Brilliant !!! - for DWM

A two 25 minute episode homage to the much loved science fiction TV series "Doctor Who".
Written and directed by Simon Wellings, creator of "The Magic Box" and "The Doctor Must Diet".

Edited by Paul Shields, the Second Assistant Director of BBV's "The Stranger - The Terror Game".

Chris and Jenny, two old friends, run down an oddly dressed man on a country lane. He tells them that he is a space traveller on the run from an unstoppable race of machine creatures. Before they know it, Chris and Jenny are caught up in a fight for the traveller's freedom and forced to choose which side of the moral war they are on. What is the traveller's real link with his enemy? Why does he have a sinister blemish on his forehead and cybernetic arm? And what is Chris's connection with the greatest time traveller of them all?

Who can you trust... The hunter or the hunted?

"One of the best Doctor Who spin-off's of the 90s"

Cold Blood Warm Heart was filmed in the Summer of 1996 and premiered in early 1997.
It has since been shown at conventions in the UK and North America.
If you'd like to show it at your convention, email me for further details...

Download the 30 second trailer (618k Real Player) 

How to obtain your very own copy of CBWH

Featuring stunning special effects, atmospheric incidental music, a link to the Brigadier, and the Cybermen themselves, this is a must own fan fiction story. No profit is made from the distribution of this story.

The PAL (UK/Australia) version can be obtained by sending
a blank CD or blank DVD and return postage

for more details.

Please note that the master video tape became corrupt, in an attempt to transfer the story digitally I managed to salvage all but the first 4 minutes of the story. If anyone has a complete version they would like to send me that would be fantastic !

Click here for a video cover for CBHW made by Mark Humpheries

Editor of CBWH Paul Shield