Exterminate the Thals!

Click on this image for more story pictures The que for the toilet was getting rather largeDonald the Dalek liked his new ginger hairdoWith Smash Get Mash !We're going down boy ! Some Dalek's just can't take the paceI`ll have a Martini, shaken, not stirred.Next time you get some hands, then you can help me with this stuck lid !I wish I could read this japanese instructions
A sequel to 'Rememberance of the Daleks'. Features exploding Daleks, exploding Moonbase, exploding Rocket Launchers, exploding Robots etc. Reappearance of the `Hand of Omega`. Filmed using the old trusty JVC and a modern camcorder. GFX supplied by Amiga A1200 wih Genlock & Chromakey unit. Real explosives this time, needed a stuntman too, ie my brother, blew him up ! A new Doctor, my ropy American accent, hassles with blue screen & lighting, oh what fun. Blew the budget this time, all one pound fifty pence of it.

Doctor Who Retribution Of The Daleks Movie