Give me the bow!

Give me the bow!Shouldn't we be running up and down these corridors ?How do I get out of this box ?Console - two Vic 20's, a Pong TV Game, and an upturned Cake BowlGun as seen in Red Dwarf I think I need a new deodrant !...and the winner of this weeks lottery is.....Look at my big gun (from Red Dwarf !)an exploshun shuck the TARDIS Armed with a bulky JVC video camera we entered into the world of Technicolor(tm). An Amiga A1200 provided the gfx. This was filmed during a very hot summer, & the Cybermen suits were h-o-t to wear. Pyrotechnics were also employed in this outting. Actually they were party poppers filled with polystyrene balls. Safety on the set ! No expensive replica suits here, we made ours from genuine bits of rubbish. Budget on this one nearly topped 75 pence (due to party poppers). Click on the Cybermen to the left for more pictures. In July 2000 I decided to redit this story once again adding new special effects using Adobe Premiere and After Effects, plus new sound effects. The flow of the story does seem a bit slicker, pity the plot and acting still sucks !

Doctor Who Death To The Cybermen Movie