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Exterminate ! me up Scotty ! Oops wrong seriesMany Dalek death squads........If you go down into the wood today....... Well, it's not my fault, I didn't park the space ship, it must be around here somewhere ?Tonight on Stars In Their Eyes, we are going to be the Beach BoysThat Dalek panel took an age to build.This one is entitled Dalek with dog cocking his leg in background

Our first story had to have Daleks in it (what else ?), filmed using a Panasonic Black & White video surveillance camera. High Tech eh ? The computer graphics were orignally done on an Amiga A500. Doctor Who Sound Effects Tape No.19 got some hammering as well. Featuring a cast of erm, two, and some particularly ropy acting from yours truly. Estimated budget, 3 pence. Took approximately six months to make in total. Not solid 24/7 you undertstand ! Click on the Daleks to the left for more story pictures. In August 2000 I undertook the introduction of new special effects and refilmed Dalek footage to produce a special edition. New GFX done on a PC/Adobe. Gives a very slight improvement to the overall production !
Doctor Who Reassembly Of The Daleks Movie Trailer

Doctor Who Reassembly Of The Daleks Movie

Doctor Who Reassembly Of The Daleks Outtakes