Doctor Who 5 minute marvels
Doctor Who Featurette's (1993)

During the 30th Anniversary year special mini featurette's were made by the BBC to be shown before each episode of Doctor Who And The Planet Of The Daleks. Six in all were made and lasted around five minutes. Such as a special Antique's Roadshow of Doctor Who memorabilia, a mock UNIT recruitment video, and the history of the Police Box which is of course what the TARDIS chameloen circuit got stuck on for the exterior appearance of the Doctors Type 40 time machine.

The Doctor - An Antique ?The que for the toilet got interesting !Free TARDIS & Dalek with Sugar Smacks!
Can anyone remember the name of the programme ?Definitely got the job Mr Master sir !You are feeling rather sleepy.....zzzz.zzzz.zzzz
bigger outside than insideMake your own concrete TARDISMy key won`t fit ?
UNIT NEEDS YOU !Oh no, I`ve grown a third hand !Is that a wig ?
Sylvestor McCoy is on the rightA Dalek who has lost his head !At least we can go DOWN steps !